Danyang Zhao contact me mid of 2011 and we met in a small Café in Wilmersdorf in Berlin. I was fascinated by the strong minded woman, who shares a fragile and soft presence of her own. We seemed very close in themes like phantasy, conciousness and poetry in life. She invited me to her project "I wish" she wanted to realize in Harbin, China. I got close to the title "I wish China would be somewhere else". My intention was to work with white, hanging paper. The material of white, plane paper seemed to me the right material for this kind of wish: an unwritten page which could get written new by imagination and the possibility of situatedness in someones mind.
To work with a cultural theme was something new for me and I liked the idea a lot. The realization got difficult because usually I work directly into rooms, observing the light during the day, working with the material in a processing way. The work got finished in my studio close to Hamburg and the transport to Berlin was no problem. Danyang Zhao received my instruction for the building up of the work in China and the package was not to tall to pack it in her arms. After two months over Christmas time I received the photographs she did from my work and gladness was in my mind. The paper work is hanging close to a window and the sunlight is defining the cracks and cuts which form an image. Danyang Zhao understood my work and my intention immediately even if we met twice. I felt that she is a sensible person who gets focused on her project, but takes responsibility for the artists needs and inquiries. For my work it is a fortune to hang permanantly at an official place, the library at Harbin University.

eigene Gedanken zu diesem Projekt own thought about the project, 03/2012