Danyang Zhao _ kuratiert die Ausstellung "I wish", China, Harbin, 2012 / Serenipity Gallery, Berlin, 2013

"I wish China would be somewhere else"
2012, Papier unbehandelt weiß, 2 Lagen paper plain white, 2 layers, 5 m x 1 m
dauerhafte Installation in einer College-Bibliothekt, Harbin, China
permanent installation at a College library, Harbin, China

This wish is kind of a joy, but also revealing the deep sorrow and disappointment.
When you want something completely to turn into something else, that means
here is nothing you would agree to. Is it right?
But the artist, Janine Gerber gives us a new and positive point of view to this
wish. Could China be Southern America?
Her paper installation is quiet and clean, always changing subtly with the moving
sunlight. Making a crack with a part of Chinese map on it, she left the rest part
to people to imagine by themselves. She said, that the only way to make things
better is never to give up imagining and wishing.